Monday, March 25, 2013

Five weeks later and finally a Tegal Manor post mortem!

Ha, well the hybrid-ruled D&D game went good for a start to DunDraCon.

All eight spots were filled, but two no-shows.

Everyone rolled up characters in order to see first hand where the different 1e and 3e rules were used. This had a couple problems: #1 - It was time-consuming (of course), took about an hour and a half so we didn't get gaming until close to 8pm; #2 - We ended up with a lopsided party heavy on fighters, light on divine magic, and no magic user.

I think for next con game I will go back to making pre-gen characters for players to choose from.

Play moved along at a nice clip for the funhouse-style of the dungeon. The party ventured through several rooms, sticking awhile in the entry hall with all the paintings. They moved very deliberately trying to clear out a section of the dungeon rather than just choose random doors and directions and ended up down in the dungeons beneath the manor. That was cool because I don't really remember any party going down there much, usually we were always attempting to clear the manor.

Only one person split early, the rest of the players stayed until the 2am finish.

No real finale, however. Need to remedy this next time.

I had fun.   :~)

My take-aways for next year are: #1 pre-gen characters; and
#2 goal-oriented dungeon to add focus to the characters' efforts.