Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ruminating about the tricky subject of psionics for player characters in The World's Most Popular Role Playing Game I have set upon some structure for my first draft...
  1. Psionics for PC's are rare, 1% chance, no modifiers, so that any charcter has an equal chance for psionic ability.
  2. Characters with psionic ability will roll their psionic attribute, 3d6 + combined Intelligence, Wisdom, & Charisma modifiers.
  3. The Psionic attribute score will determine some simple psionic abilities that are usable at will, success chance DC modified by the standard attribute modifiers from version 3.5.
  4. Characters with psionic attribute above a certain number, say 12, gain a psion level and have the opportunity to take additional psion levels based on gained experience points which unlock access to psionic powers (i.e. those from the d20 SRD).
  5. Use of level-based psionic powers cost hit points scored as non-lethal damage using standard non-lethal results and healing.
Okey-dokey, now's time to put electronic pen to electronic paper!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On to the next project!

I have never really found a simple set of rules for psionics. There are certain iconic attributes for psions that ought to be available at varying degrees of power, e.g. a psionic power blast, telekinesis, telepathy, but the end result for gameplay always seemed to be more cumbersome than necessary.

Therefore my next project will be a small digest of psionic rules, including some psionic enhancing and dampening items.

An important note is that in our game we always treated psionics as a power different than magic, so I'll need to take some hard looks at how psionic saves are dealt with for both psions & non-psions.

This should prove to be fun!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Knights of the All Mind" supplement available!

Aha! The Knights of the All Mind supplemental rules for versions of the 3rd edition of The World's Most Popular Role Playing Game is available.

My basic idea was to substitute 1st edition racial and class abilities in place of 3rd edition skills. I ended up throwing in a mess of other stuff the core ideas of which resulted from my old experiences gaming in 1st edition for many, many years.

Bonus material includes: a techno character class; critical hit & fumble tables; character skin, hair, & eye color tables; deity reaction to divine intervention, and much more!

Please check out Knights of the All Mind and please let me know what you think!