Monday, October 22, 2012

Ha! I'm on a roll now. Finished formatting the particular judge's rules from the System Reference Document v.3.5 into this attractive (well, I printed my cover using metallic-silver cardstock) handy booklet.

Basically, all I brought from my old 3.5 books is the Monster Manual.

Har, AND I'm thinking of tackling that one next...  ;~)

*** Uggh, hmmm Monster Manual is not going to happen any time soon. Would require way too much editing and still probably comprise several volumes.

Just gonna carry the WotC 3.5 Monster Manual fer now, along with my copies of "All the World's Monsters" I & II.

P.S. "Blackmail" has a quick, down & dirty table for converting monsters from hit dice to challenge rating. I ran some benchmarks using the conversion table with monsters that already have challenge ratings, and it's not perfect but puts you in the ballpark.

Monday, October 15, 2012

"Words of Spells" available on Direbane!


The spell book, "Words of Spells," to be used in conjunction with "S.R.D. of the All Mind" is completed.

I did fudge on the art so I could get the work posted right away, used a simple graphic rather than drawing something applicable. Maybe in the next run around I'll draw something for the 2 small blank spots!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spellbook Finished!

Huzzah! I FINALLY finished formatting all the version 3.5 spells to fit in a digest-sized spellbook. I just need to add an introduction, "How to Use This Book," and a tiny bit of art.

This has literally taken 4 months because I started out with over 200 pages at the correct font, but I had never seen a digest booklet more than 100 pages. Also, since the printing is done in booklet format, pages have to be grouped in multiples of 4 (double-sided folded in half = 4 pages per sheet).

Through some funky formatting and editing of spell descriptions (I firmly believe these WotC writers were paid by the word!) I was ably to get the size down to 124 pages which is pretty close to my goal of 120 pages.

Now, I only hope the folding & stapling goes ok...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to Using 3e Strength Checks

I made an adjustment to Knights of the All Mind, removing the old 1e-style Minor Strength Test (i.e. "Open Doors") and Major Strength Test (i.e. "Bend Bars/Lift Gates").

In my 1e Hommlet game I found that if characters failed to open a "barred" door on Open Doors, they then invariably wanted to Bend Bars to open the door. Hello, the bar is on the other side of the door! But you can really blame them totally for being very confused because Bend Bars/Lift Gates looks for doors to be a second shot feat of strength to open them.

At any rate, even just having a roll just to merely open an unlocked dungeon door slows play.

Anyone should be able to open the average door that is not locked or otherwise stuck in some fashion.

In the 3e system one only needs to make a strength check to break down a door, or, conversely, to bend some bars if they are reachable. The Difficulty Checks are pretty straightforward and adaptable to the desired action upon whatever item/material.

Overall now with the abilities I discovered there is some nice symmetry:

Strength = Use for 3e Strength Checks
Intelligence = Roll INT or less for concentration checks
Dexterity = Use for Reflex save
Wisdom = Use for Will save
Constitution = Use for Fortitude save
Charisma = Use for 1e-style Loyalty & Reaction rolls

Each ability has direct relevance to in-the-moment game play, there is no real throw-away stat. This distribution encourages a well-rounded characters and parties ability stat-wise.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hybrid Gaming for DDC #37!

Huzzah! My gaming event is posted on the DunDraCon website.  :~)
(You can click through the image above and scroll down to see the actual posting)

Keeping my fingers crossed because the time window I can run the game is narrow (Friday evening) and I won't be getting any special consideration for being a newbee con DM this year.

Final schedule to be set late January.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I am hoping to run a Knights of the All Mind 1e/v3.5 hybrid game at DunDraCon #37 on a Friday evening next February 15th in 2013.

"New school meets old school as blow-by-blow 3.5 combat is infused with 1st edition style ability checks & initiative for fast-paced adventuring through the original 'funhouse' dungeon!"

I'll post a link once the game is listed on the DunDraCon website events page.

The final determinations of games selected for the convention won't be due out until January.

Friday, July 6, 2012

S.R.D. of the All Mind, a 4-volume set of booklets based on the System Reference Document revised (v.3.5) rules to accompany the Knights of the All Mind supplement.

Something available for those players who don't have copies of version 3.5, these booklets printed digest-sized are super portable and convenient.

Note they aren't the best for inexperienced gamers, no comprehensive index.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ruminating about the tricky subject of psionics for player characters in The World's Most Popular Role Playing Game I have set upon some structure for my first draft...
  1. Psionics for PC's are rare, 1% chance, no modifiers, so that any charcter has an equal chance for psionic ability.
  2. Characters with psionic ability will roll their psionic attribute, 3d6 + combined Intelligence, Wisdom, & Charisma modifiers.
  3. The Psionic attribute score will determine some simple psionic abilities that are usable at will, success chance DC modified by the standard attribute modifiers from version 3.5.
  4. Characters with psionic attribute above a certain number, say 12, gain a psion level and have the opportunity to take additional psion levels based on gained experience points which unlock access to psionic powers (i.e. those from the d20 SRD).
  5. Use of level-based psionic powers cost hit points scored as non-lethal damage using standard non-lethal results and healing.
Okey-dokey, now's time to put electronic pen to electronic paper!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On to the next project!

I have never really found a simple set of rules for psionics. There are certain iconic attributes for psions that ought to be available at varying degrees of power, e.g. a psionic power blast, telekinesis, telepathy, but the end result for gameplay always seemed to be more cumbersome than necessary.

Therefore my next project will be a small digest of psionic rules, including some psionic enhancing and dampening items.

An important note is that in our game we always treated psionics as a power different than magic, so I'll need to take some hard looks at how psionic saves are dealt with for both psions & non-psions.

This should prove to be fun!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Knights of the All Mind" supplement available!

Aha! The Knights of the All Mind supplemental rules for versions of the 3rd edition of The World's Most Popular Role Playing Game is available.

My basic idea was to substitute 1st edition racial and class abilities in place of 3rd edition skills. I ended up throwing in a mess of other stuff the core ideas of which resulted from my old experiences gaming in 1st edition for many, many years.

Bonus material includes: a techno character class; critical hit & fumble tables; character skin, hair, & eye color tables; deity reaction to divine intervention, and much more!

Please check out Knights of the All Mind and please let me know what you think!