Friday, May 1, 2015

Free "Knights" compatible High-Level Scenario!

Click the image below for a copy of "Descent to the Chasm of the Drow" scenario, completely compatible with the Knights of the All Mind hybrid rules or easily convertible to other OSR/D20 rule sets.

The dungeon is based on a scenario ran for my group back in the mid-1980s and is really an outline for a drow encounter that guards some mythic treasure or important prisoner. It includes both fantasy and sci-fi elements that a game judge can extrapolate upon.

My friend J.A.S. created the original scenario and I borrowed Drow Zippo Knights from a different scenario by my friend Sick Rick.

(Note: An earlier draft of this scenario was my entry to the 2015 One-Page Dungeon Contest.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One Remaining Dungeon Level!

Yes indeedy. I am finally down to the lowest level, 10th, of the first Knights of the All Mind vintage mega-dungeon. Ha, but this is all what I have to work from...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Gamers Wanted!

     We ran short of players running our regular game with the hybrid Knights of the All Mind rules at DunDraCon XXXIX (we ordinarily game Saturday night each DunDraCon, but we get bumped when Valentine's Day falls on that Sat. Spouses, significant others, you know...), so I posted this advertisement outside the open gaming room. Ha, no one responded to the ad but we did get two fantastic players to join us anyway:
  • Jim: Who ran some sort of half-elf efreet thingie whose fireballs probably saved the party; and
  • Lionel: A martial dwarf with the most awesome non-magical armor ever invented.
      A good thing there was a full contingent of 6 adventurers. I started the heroes out on the very manageable Fourth Level of the dungeon, however the group (wounded and low on spells) decided to follow a narrow, secret stair nearly 100' further down... to the Seventh Level!

Lot's of fun and excitement, looking forward to our next game in June.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another Deadline Come & Gone...

... with only TWO levels to go. So, here is a tiny look at the source material. My Underport binder is still relatively intact thanks basically to falling in disuse more than three decades ago.

And here is the front pocket containing artwork of the nano-tech dude peeking out (used for the cover of the supplement, Knights of the All Mind). Also the original Krull map.*

This is the original "side-view" page...

Lastly, the original first page of dungeon encounter descriptions - 37 years old!

* Actually not the original Krull map. The first maps was so tattered and stained that I was making a second version of the map. (Still using ink, ignoramus, ink runs when it gets wet. Use colored pencils!)