Monday, March 2, 2015

Gamers Wanted!

     We ran short of players running our regular game with the hybrid Knights of the All Mind rules at DunDraCon XXXIX (we ordinarily game Saturday night each DunDraCon, but we get bumped when Valentine's Day falls on that Sat. Spouses, significant others, you know...), so I posted this advertisement outside the open gaming room. Ha, no one responded to the ad but we did get two fantastic players to join us anyway:
  • Jim: Who ran some sort of half-elf efreet thingie whose fireballs probably saved the party; and
  • Lionel: A martial dwarf with the most awesome non-magical armor ever invented.
      A good thing there was a full contingent of 6 adventurers. I started the heroes out on the very manageable Fourth Level of the dungeon, however the group (wounded and low on spells) decided to follow a narrow, secret stair nearly 100' further down... to the Seventh Level!

Lot's of fun and excitement, looking forward to our next game in June.