Knights of the All Mind

The Knights of the All Mind rules were created to supplant skills points and checks (common in 21st century versions of The World’s Most Popular Role Playing Game) with old school race, class, and ability checks.

Unique and specialized abilities such as picking locks or tracking creatures in the wilderness are sustained as elements of race and class abilities. 6-sided die initiative, critical hits and fumbles, and divine intervention check are included along with other miscellaneous tables for a resultant gaming feel from the classic, late 1970s and early 1980s era of role playing games..

Knights of the All Mind is NOT A COMPLETE RULES SYSTEM, it requires access to an edition of rules from The World's Most Popular Role-Playing Game

The Vacuous Grimoire is a version of applicable rules (v.3.5) that is combined with material for players from Knights and other variations such as new player races and classes. The Vacuous Grimoire is all a player needs to begin their sword & sorcery adventures. A judge's rulebook that includes magic items and the forthcoming compendium of monsters provide a near-complete background set for home brew gaming.

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 Knights of the All Mind . . . Old school ability checks, 6-sided “party” initiative, and many other miscellaneous classic-style tables.

Knights of the All Mind Character Sheet . . . for use with any 3rd edition version along with Knights of the All Mind. (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial-ShareAlike License, or Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.
The Vacuous Grimoire Volume One is an expanded edition of the former SRD of the All Mind. In one volume the grimoire combines various home brew rules adopted from the variety of influences with the Open Gaming License "System Reference Document" to present a unified rulebook for players that supplants character skill points with old school attribute checks along with racial and class abilities. Plus the complete directory and entries for the mechanical effects of common spells from Words of Spells is included, so this tome is indeed all a player needs to play.

The Vacuous Grimoire Volume Two combines these various home brew rules with the Open Gaming License "System Reference Document" into a single reference, a unified rulebook for judges that does the work of walking in old school attribute checks along with racial and class abilities where skills and skill points used to tread. Also included is a complete directory for the magical items is included, so this tome is indeed all a judge needs along with Vacuous Grimoire Volume One to play.

The Vacuous Grimoire Volume Three is a bestiary utilizing "modern" gaming provisos, but with an idea to recapture a sense of how the older version of the game rolled from the late 1970s West Coast, San Francisco Bay Area. Along with Volumes One and Two, these new works combine various home brew rules with the Open Gaming License "System Reference Document" into a single system. While this volume does contain some of the more common fantasy creatures, also found are foes and accoutrements from a darker and more deadly multiverse along with modern and science-fantasy bits.

Words of Spells is a spell book with the complete spell mechanics based on the System Reference Document. Alterations are only editing for brevity & making adjustments where certain spells influenced “skills” or “skill checks.” When necessary for effects involving “skills” either a 1e-flavored solution was recorded or the effect was merely excised.

The Manual of Enchanted Objects provides a magic items resource from the System Reference Document Revised (v.3.5). As are the other booklets in this series, adjustments have been made to permit 1e abilities in place of 3e skills & skill checks.

Prestige Classes provide new abilities and the capability to use existing abilities in creative ways to customize your character. Choose wisely to transform your hero into entirely new levels of versatility!