Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to Using 3e Strength Checks

I made an adjustment to Knights of the All Mind, removing the old 1e-style Minor Strength Test (i.e. "Open Doors") and Major Strength Test (i.e. "Bend Bars/Lift Gates").

In my 1e Hommlet game I found that if characters failed to open a "barred" door on Open Doors, they then invariably wanted to Bend Bars to open the door. Hello, the bar is on the other side of the door! But you can really blame them totally for being very confused because Bend Bars/Lift Gates looks for doors to be a second shot feat of strength to open them.

At any rate, even just having a roll just to merely open an unlocked dungeon door slows play.

Anyone should be able to open the average door that is not locked or otherwise stuck in some fashion.

In the 3e system one only needs to make a strength check to break down a door, or, conversely, to bend some bars if they are reachable. The Difficulty Checks are pretty straightforward and adaptable to the desired action upon whatever item/material.

Overall now with the abilities I discovered there is some nice symmetry:

Strength = Use for 3e Strength Checks
Intelligence = Roll INT or less for concentration checks
Dexterity = Use for Reflex save
Wisdom = Use for Will save
Constitution = Use for Fortitude save
Charisma = Use for 1e-style Loyalty & Reaction rolls

Each ability has direct relevance to in-the-moment game play, there is no real throw-away stat. This distribution encourages a well-rounded characters and parties ability stat-wise.


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