Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spellbook Finished!

Huzzah! I FINALLY finished formatting all the version 3.5 spells to fit in a digest-sized spellbook. I just need to add an introduction, "How to Use This Book," and a tiny bit of art.

This has literally taken 4 months because I started out with over 200 pages at the correct font, but I had never seen a digest booklet more than 100 pages. Also, since the printing is done in booklet format, pages have to be grouped in multiples of 4 (double-sided folded in half = 4 pages per sheet).

Through some funky formatting and editing of spell descriptions (I firmly believe these WotC writers were paid by the word!) I was ably to get the size down to 124 pages which is pretty close to my goal of 120 pages.

Now, I only hope the folding & stapling goes ok...

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