Monday, October 22, 2012

Ha! I'm on a roll now. Finished formatting the particular judge's rules from the System Reference Document v.3.5 into this attractive (well, I printed my cover using metallic-silver cardstock) handy booklet.

Basically, all I brought from my old 3.5 books is the Monster Manual.

Har, AND I'm thinking of tackling that one next...  ;~)

*** Uggh, hmmm Monster Manual is not going to happen any time soon. Would require way too much editing and still probably comprise several volumes.

Just gonna carry the WotC 3.5 Monster Manual fer now, along with my copies of "All the World's Monsters" I & II.

P.S. "Blackmail" has a quick, down & dirty table for converting monsters from hit dice to challenge rating. I ran some benchmarks using the conversion table with monsters that already have challenge ratings, and it's not perfect but puts you in the ballpark.

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