Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Bestiary!
I finally finished a bestiary for our hybrid rules! Basically, took monsters from my various scenarios new and (very) old and applied the hybrid stat structure. Play-tested several baddies last Saturday and it went very fluid.
One thing I did purposefully for this little tome (only 64 pages) is there is next to no art. What I found over time is that a brief, evocative description in words is much better than a drawing on a piece of paper that needs to be passed around or held aloft a period of time. I made sure each critter (except for the obvious, like "giant ant") has such a description so the DM can tell everyone at once what they encounter.
The Vacuous Grimoire Volume Three is available now in the Direbane storefront at DriveThru-RPG.
*** P.S. Here is a Vacuous write-up of the Storm Spirit dudes from that famous movie with Jack Burton. Thanks to "Brown Hood" who posted his original stats back in 2002 on EN World. Not in bestiary, but used 'em last game for lots o' fun!

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