Sunday, August 27, 2017

Psionics ARE Different!
(Available on Drive-Thru RPG)
Back in the days of 1e for groups running of The World's Most Popular Role Playing Game, psionics were A BEAST! Rare and devistating. The only thing protecting non-psionics was that psions could only utilize a small number of attacks against them. (That, and psionic use attracted psionic baddies...) Otherwise, the average fantasy character was virtually helpless.

Here in this psionic tome, the 3e idea of psionic/magic transparency is maintained to provide some parity between psions and non-psions. But to recapture a sense of the older version of the game the tranparency is not 1:1. Magic protections and suppressions only work about half as good versus psionic powers and visa versa. The rules are adjusted this way so that there is at least some way to defend against the psions, but they still can beat the crap out of you after a few bad rolls.

I set out to publish works combining various home brew conceits with the Open Gaming License "System Reference Document" into a reference rulebooks for judges that walks back skills and skill points for old school attribute checks along with racial and class abilities. The psionic adjustments to the SRD in The Vacuous Grimoire Volume Four works to bring a little of the novelty and dread with psionics to this unbalanced version of rules and guidelines.

(Dang, this psionics book idea has literally been sitting in my head since May 2012...)

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