Saturday, March 12, 2016

Abyssal Scenario

So my next ambitious foray from Underport:Abyssal Descent will be down into The Abyss itself.

In the Lands of Krull there was not something quite neat and symmetrical as "The Great Wheel" from The World's Most Popular Role Playing Game. Rather, the abyss is something of a mix between Hell and some insane Lovecraftian wilderness where even the demons fear to tread.

I threw a blurb in at the end of Underport: Abyssal Descent for the next scenario, Metropolis of Chaos, for indeed an abyssal city was the next stop on the paths beneath Underport for the gaming groups I ran of yore. However, I intend to expand upon the metropolis with something of a sandbox populated by gargantuan creatures such as the like depicted above, whose actions certainly seem abyssally chaotic and evil. Yet motives are inscrutable, except perhaps in the classic Lovecraft mode of a hunger to break through the planar bounds into the prime material.

Certainly the final level of Underport: Abyssal Descent provides several encounters where the planar boundaries cross in probably an arbitrary fashion. The trick is WHY would player characters ever want to go into The Abyss. Rescue? To seek power? Certainly not mere wealth?

Curiosity might be enough, as players upon the conclusion of Underport: Abyssal Descent ought to end up spying on the metropolis far below the abyssal gate. The timeless realm would certainly hold vast riches and magic, luring a party of adventurers in with "standard" demonic types recognizable to experienced gamers. Once they have entered, though, there becomes the particular need of finding a way out... (Ha, Pirates of the Caribbean set the stage for Underport. Now methinks the Haunted Mansion has infiltrated my brain.)

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