Friday, March 4, 2016

Wilde Beasties!

Well, well, well. I am finally going to do something about carrying around my last v.3.5 hardbound.

I began work today on the first of probably a half-dozen bestiaries, this one on magical beast found on overland journeys called "Wilde Beasties" (although the cloven-hooved cover could be considered demonic, I will think of it as fey).

Figure to make overland, oversea, airborne, underworld, undead, demonic. Is that it?

My idea is that if you know what class of encounter you'll need, just grab the appropriate booklet.

I'm starting with the SRD, however the Tome of Horrors is completely open source so depending on the length these booklets turn out, I might include some of those. My goal has been, with Underport and the Knights of the All Mind rules variant in general, to reduce stat blocks down to something that resembles days of yore without losing modern developments like segment-by-segment battles, ascending AC, and other little finery. And ultimately carry all the info around in bite-sized books instead of the (literal) SUITCASE full of hardback books that I schlepped around from game to game back in the aughts.

Damn, now I just have one over the shoulder leather bag and a small auxiliary case. Nice. But still that one hardbound monster manual...

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