Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Basket O' Knights!

Daughter uno is traveling to Costa Rica (Zika be damned) with members of her university Parks, Recreation and Tourism school. The travelers are holding a silent auction to help defray the travel insurance and I donated an "All Mind" bundle.

It's my "White Box" Knights of the All Mind rules set, plus the magic items and judges booklets, and the Underport vintage mega-dungeon adventure. The manila envelope contains Underport and Krull maps, the two free scenarios Chasm of the Drow and Octi-Folk of Spire Lagoon available from the blog here. All in all about a $45 value printed, however the "White Box" rules in the main only went out to friends. Too expensive to find the "precision" Gamescience d20s that are included so I've been using my own stash.

Daughter uno wondered how much might get bid. Ha, I opined zero if no RPG gamers there. But, if one or two grognards visit who knows? I am always on the lookout for odd gaming materials... ($20? Ima cheap bastard!)

*** Oh! P.S. I threw in stickers from my two musical projects, Scratch Elder and Luminous Red Nova, plus a copy of Dark Dungeons Chick Tract that I was giving away at the DunDraCon freebie table.

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